Welcome to Rondot

All the companies in our group aim to provide the same high standards of innovation, reactivity, flexibility, reliability and quality that is demanded by the 24 hour a day, 365 day a year manufacturing process in which our customers endeavour to excel.

If you also work in the glass industry, you will understand our attraction to all things glass. Glass is without question an esteemed product and it is for this reason, coupled with its exceptional ecological credentials, that glass is, and will always be, the packaging material of choice for premium food, drink, perfume and pharmaceutical manufacturers the world over.

Our passion for glass is best symbolised by the Baccarat crystal ball which is incorporated in our logo. The sphere signifies our global activity and its flawless surface represents a level of perfection which requires a superlative effort to achieve. Using the knowledge and experience we have gained from more than 70 years of working in this remarkable industry, the ambition of everyone within Groupe Rondot is to try and reach the same level of excellence in the supply of our innovative products and services as can be seen in this crystal example of perfection.

Group Rondot relies on a « young » team with a passion for Glass who are perpetually seeking to develop new products which will improve the Glass manufacturing process.

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